As your trusted energy advisor, your cooperative can help answer any questions you may have when it comes to finding the right generator for your home — and provide information on how to safely install and operate it. 

Some cooperatives also sell generators to their members at discounted prices. Use the dropdown menu to view cooperatives that offer this program.

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No matter which option you choose, a generator can be fatal if used incorrectly. Follow the safety tips below to protect yourself, your family and those restoring your power.

  • Read all manufacturer instructions before use.
  • NEVER run a portable generator inside a home or garage. It emits carbon monoxide that’s invisible, odorless and can be deadly.
  • Operate the generator outdoors in a dry, open space with plenty of ventilation, away from areas where water can form puddles or drain under the generator.
  • Use heavy-duty, grounded, 3-pronged extension cords to connect appliances to a portable generator. NEVER plug the portable generator directly into your home’s wall outlet.
  • Turn the generator on before plugging appliances into it. Avoid overloading the generator by turning on necessary appliances and lights one at a time.
  • Turn the generator off and be sure it’s cool before fueling it.
  • Keep children and pets away from generators and related equipment.
  • Never install a whole-house generator yourself. Only a qualified professional should install generator equipment that connects directly to your home’s wiring. This helps prevent fatal electrical accidents.
  • Have a qualified professional install a transfer switch for a permanent generator. It must have a transfer switch that prevents energy from going back out onto the utility’s electrical equipment, or “backfeeding.” This helps prevent electrical fires and protects lineworkers or others near downed power lines.
  • Read manufacturer instructions to ensure you use the generator correctly.
  • Keep children and pets away from generators and related equipment.

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